Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Monday, 3 October 2016

Blue Suede Shoes. Day 22, Memphis to Amory.

It's always a bit of a lottery as to how you feel after a day-off during a tour. Sometimes you come roaring out of the blocks and other times it's like you've forgotten how to even steer the bike!
Fortunately my legs did turn-up for work today- at 130 miles and 3000', I would probably need them at some point...

Time to check-out of nice, touristy hotel: back to Econo Inns for us, bike...
On my way out of Memphis I actually saw one other cyclist: some FKW who didn't wave back or say a word. The cheek of some people, hah-hah!
Just keep pedalling in a south-easterly direction!
Loading loadsa freight onto C. Jones &Co...
It wasn't too long before another State Line was crossed- always a wee boost to see those signs. Getting just a little closer to South Beach...
Yes...another State down! No offence, Tennessee.
I settled on Old Hwy 178 which parallels the Interstate and also a railroad. I still can't get over just how much freight is shunted around the place...
Still has me beaten. Note beautiful surface...hurray!
Had an air of 'Back To The Future' about the place. Holly Springs, in case you were wondering.
Need all of that alright!
Sometimes it does just that. Not for 5c though.
This really was another transition day so there's not much to write home about: got a few beeps and a wave or two, which always helps and also saw yet again how some drivers just do not expect to see a cyclist. At all. Period. That's the one thing about tinted glass- has the driver seen me, or...
"Englishman, Scotsman and a Pa-", not now Bernard.
First time that I've seen someone's mugshot on one.
As I drew closer to Tupelo, which I'm sure you know as Elvis's birthplace, I decided to skip visiting his childhood home and instead just crack on to Amory, as the day is already long enough. The correct decision, for once!
Green. Hilly. Carry on!
Literal. And accurate.
Hope your hospitality shows better than your signs, Tupelo!
Say Brandie, you don't happen to know Alanis, do you?
Now there's a spectator sport. Come on Sky!
Nice idea, MI: most motorists were aware of it too.
Never thought I'd see the day, hah-hah! Bless you, Tupelo.
Last mention...honest.
Loads of water around. Saw Terrapins flopping off logs as soon as they hear you approaching...class!
Once more into the shade, albeit for a minute...it was warm today. Same tomorrow!
I'm okay by about 650lbs.
The usual script upon getting checked-in: shower, wash clothes and bottles and then see about food. Pizza Hut is only up the road, so...
Last bit of water to cross before Amory...keep going!
Big railroad town. Expect to hear sodding horns all night, hah-hah!
...I ask the charming waitress what beers they serve and she apologises and breaks the now not-unfamiliar news- we're in a dry county. Mountain Dew it is then...no drama!
And of course Amory is situated in Monroe County. As dry as sandpaper...good job I love Mountain Dew!
We'll see where we end-up tomorrow night: right now, I just am keen (well, as keen as a knackered person can be) to put some more miles in the bank.

My decision to make is this: do I stick with my idea of a visit and day-off at Kennedy Space Centre/Center, or do I bin that and just head direct to Miami, which would shave a few miles off each day? Yeah, I know we can file that under 'First World Probs', right?

I'll get tomorrow done and see how the land lies. In the meantime...

This was written by Carl Perkins during a trip to Amory, for a concert with Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash in 1955. Plus it's a great number, so there!

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  1. Once again great to read the blog and look at the "off the beaten track" pics of the USA

  2. Cheers Gordon- more nonsense on the way!