Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Somethin' Else. Day twenty-eight, Gainesville to Davenport.

What a difference a day makes- it was gonna be warm with regulation blue skies!

Mind you, this selfish revelling in good fortune is tempered after learning of the death-toll in Haiti of almost 1000, and also seeing both Carolinas take a battering due to Hurricane Matthew, I (and) a lot of other folk were very, very lucky.

Camera (operator) struggles, but they looked wonderful in the sun.
Woo-hoo! Back with a ton...and nearer Miami.
 It was easy to fell upbeat with today's conditions- I had a wind that was either helping a little or across and the miles to Miami were reaching more manageable levels, although I take nothing for granted.
Well helloooo Florida! Er, again. Great road though!
Ahh, just some high-end stables...
 The temperature climbed to 36c eventually, so I emptied quite a few water bottles along the way. As the morning wore on, the traffic grew busier...perhaps usual for a Saturday but also maybe folks returning home?
Move. Move now!
 It was back to a couple of beeps again today which was excellent: I stitched myself up when one car driver shouted, "Right on, Man!" to me and I duly increased my tempo as we started a small drag...and then traffic lights.

This meant he had to pass me again, and he duly shouted again and I was pretty much at my limit all the way up but couldn't let-up until he was out of sight and allowed myself a mild coronary, hah-hah!
'Deh-neh-neh...neh-neh-neh-neh-neh': and that Jag ain't a fine import either, Sarge.
Too. Many. Gags.
There isn't much else to report for today (not least because I'm toast) so I'll sign-off with a few ropey photos as per, but an ace tune...cheers!

It only takes a minute to get there, girl. Left at the lights. Can't miss it.
Yes! Stealing a few more yards nearer...
All Rangers matches screened. Apparently.
Yeah, cheers.
After a false start elsewhere, this place was the business- wish I could've stayed...
Ps...All being well, it'll be more Hwy 27 for me tomorrow, a lot more...let's get on with it!

Only about the finest & funnest cover ever!

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  1. a couple of tons and you'll be there guv

    1. Hopefully just the one, thanks! We'll see how tomorrow goes...