Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Friday, 7 October 2016

Riders On The Storm. Day twenty-six, Bainbridge to Madison.

Things are getting interesting for want of a better word (yeah, yeah, I can hear y'all cheering, hah-hah!). I was perfectly happy with 'humdrum', but there you are! I couldn't find a motel with a vacancy within 120 miles when I was searching last night, so the hunt began again as soon as I awoke.

Just over two hours later and Expedia suddenly appeared to have somewhere suitable: not my first choice of Perry, but another small town in north Florida about 100 miles away...Madison. That's terrific, let's go...albeit with a late start!

Before you ask why I didn't stay where I was in Bainbridge, that wasn't an option as they and all the other motels were booked fully for a couple of days thanks to Matthew. Unbelievable- this is quite a way from Florida!

Inscrutable fellow.
No surprise that the winds were out of the north-east, so I'd just have to suffer the first 65 miles, before getting much-valued help on the run-in to the hotel. Fair enough...like I have a choice or can do anything about it, hah-hah!

Not even a ton? Disgrace.
Hope that they don't need to call in The Wichita Lineman after Matthew.
Good grief. Excellent effort!
The signs were there all along!
Thankfully, the town of Quitman (kept me amused) arrived and I was able to turn south and feel the benefit...yes!
Plenty of this around in GA.
Bless you.
Well...he should be fair with drug offenders, if nothing else!
Thanks. Very handy, that.
In a little while this beauty came into sight: I know that we're a world away from Miami's South Beach, and I need several snookers and to clear the table but still it was a great feeling!
Another 'punch the air' moment...14th and final state. Yes!
Still jaw-dropping.
Looks a lot like Georgia, if you ask me...
Say what you like, but they do do a mean courthouse. Take a bow, Madison!
You would not have believed how many people were speculatively looking for somewhere to stay, and the hotel's two phones were constantly ringing. I was very lucky to get in the inn...
Every motel and hotel displays these. Incredible: I was lucky to get a room tonight.
As I type this rubbish, I've got one eye on the Weather Channel and wondering what the best plan of attack is. As things stand right now, I'm in the same boat as I was last night i.e. I can only stay here for tonight. We'll see...

Dennys does the business. Yes, a mango smoothie since you ask. Marvellous!

Wanted in the County of Dade. Still great.

Please see if you can spare a couple of quid or whatever to help Bloodwise and Combat Stress. Here are those links if you are able to donate:

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I know that the two charities and the people that they help appreciate all your help. Good on you!

ps if you are kind enough to donate, and select 'anonymous', I can't 'see' who you are, unlike on JustGiving. So apologies if you were thinking that the miserable tw*t hasn't even e-mailed me to say thanks, hah-hah!

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