Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Monday, 10 October 2016

Tomorrow Is A Long Time. Day twenty-nine, Davenport to Clewiston.

So toady's target was to wipe-off 130 miles or so and leave around 100 miles into Miami on Monday, all being well. Once again, into the oven for 10 hours- take me out about 5pm- I should be well done by then!

Indeed it was a beautiful day, with temperatures rising through 25c at 8am. I did feel a little envious of folks that I passed by who were sitting outside their hotel rooms or coffee houses...looked like a great day to be relaxing, alright. That said, every time the wheels went around I was getting closer to Miami, so...just get on with it!

I see your future...I see the same old blog-nonsense!
Is there nothing that Mick & Keef won't turn their hands to?
Getting nearer, little by little.
Well, apart from the number of plastic surgery ads, hah-hah!
Ah c'mon, that can't be a real name. Can it?
There's a tremendous amount of this too, in between the manicured estates.
Never far from water around here.
Needing a bit of work on your formation there, chaps.
Cool name for a tiny town.
It was very much a case of business-as-usual i.e. a McDs late breakfast at mile 45, and things were agreeably moving along, thanks in no small part to a wind out of the north-east...nice. Almost a temptation to get the brandy & cigars out...almost.

Lake Placid...sounds like a mellow pl- what on earth was that?
 Anyway, just about 40 yards ahead of me, a white saloon inexplicably pulled out of a side junction onto Hwy 27 and went right into a truck travelling at about 60 mph: it was a case of, "No, I'm not seeing this happen, am I?", but the bang was confirmation alright.

The truck took about 400 yards to stop, while the saloon was spun around: thankfully the impact was on the very front third of the car otherwise we'd be looking at a different outcome.
Not wise to drive out from a junction into an 18 wheeler. All ok, amazingly!
I'm pleased to say that the many airbags did their job and both occupants were conscious and in no obvious distress: it was great to see so many people pitch-in to try and help, and there was a trauma nurse in nearby car. The ambulances were there within a few minutes...so onwards.
Needing a maximum...ouch!
 Thankfully the rest of the day passed quietly, with just the last ten miles seeing me struggle...I was just glad to get to my room and flop down!

Er, no alligators are there?
Lady Marmalade!
Only another 10 miles...come on...
Take me to...actually don't, 'cos my flights not from NYC.
No idea why. Where's m'hotel?
The pick of the dining options was the reliably less-than-marvellous faux Oirish 'Beef O'Brady's'. It's fair to say that the name says all you need to know about it, hah-hah! That said, the beer was cold so box ticked.
Dining not a highlight but the ale is dependable. Cheers!
Good news all round then- tomorrow should be the last blog update...I can almost hear the cheering from here, hah-hah! Until then...

The words, guitar and delivery...perfect!

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I know that the two charities and the people that they help appreciate all your help. Good on you!

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  1. Been a terrific read - been with you all the way (!) Have a safe last day & journey home...back to real life BOOOH! Well done+++