Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Beat The Clock. Day four, Wallace to Missoula.

Early doors, 2c. Didn't get warm until after midday. Did get warm though!
Wagons rolled at 6.48am...I really didn't want to leave my comfy and warm hotel, not least because the first business of the day was a climb, hah-hah! What I did feel was just how arse-bitingly brisk the temperature was. No need.

 No rhythm found really but on we go until this hoves into view: I seriously considered ignoring it and just getting on with things, not least because
a) I was gonna lose an hour as soon as I crossed into Montana (Pacific into Mountain Time. Hang on- 'Mountain'?), and
b) The Man doesn't tell me what to do, right?

I was going to ignore it but seeing how narrow the one lane got...well, good call!
As I went through the roadworks it was obvious to a blind eejit that it was the only course of action: one lane, no shoulder with trucks galore equals bad outcome. End of.
So I owe you all about 4 miles and perhaps 800 feet. Cheque's in the post etc...
And then down-hill we go. Freezing!
Two down, twelve to go...
I'd love to see that. Actually, on second thoughts...
I had breakfast after about 25 miles in some ropey faux-Western number. The best thing about it was it's temperature. Move on!
I'll lie to you and tell that the movie 'A River Run Throughs It' was filmed here. Haven't seen it either. 
By lunchtime the big yellow fella had come out to play- a welcome sight! I think we got up to about 25 or 26c. Tres bon!
Gentlemen! Luncheon is served.
Result! My very own lane, as smooth as. What could possibly...
After lunch there was another roadworks sign, but this was good news- I'd have a smooth, clean, quiet lane all to myself for 10 miles. Get in! Not 500 yards in and I'm trying to tell myself that my rear tyre isn't deflating...oh yes it is!

You try to pretend that you're imagining that yer tyre is flat. Bollocks!
You sneaky m**********r!
Ok, given some of the horrendous stuff that I've ridden on since Sunday, I cannot slate the tyres at all. Anyway, one new tube later and away we go...now just keep going please...
At long last- someone as daft as I am, hah-hah! And heavier...blimey! Big shout-out!
Today was the first time that I saw someone else on I-90 who wasn't driving. There was a hitch-hiker at Lookout Pass who told me he was from Cork, blah-blah-blah...I reckon no matter where you told him you were from, he would have a connection.
Anyway, the poor sod wanted food so I obliged with a ropey packet of cake. He's probably in ER by now. Sorry man...

"If you ever go to Huson, you better act right..."
No choice at all!
I did promise myself an ice cream of some nature: they didn't have Magnums but this was tickety-boo!
Proprietor: Mr P. Doyle. Now *that* is a film. And I have seen it.
Tribute to the late Prince Buster.
It was a bit strange not having somewhere booked to stay tonight, but in the event it worked-out fine. McDs across the way for breakfast and a great sports bar (no, not 'The French Connection'!) beside it from where I'm typing this drivel.
I'm not staying here tonight but I kinda wish I was. Top name!
At the minute, I'm about 45 miles behind where I should be: the honest answer is that I both over-estimated my abilities and under-estimated how tricky this would be. I'm considering how best to try and make this right: if any wiseacre helpfully suggests pedalling a bit quicker...in the meantime, eastwards go!

Thank you, and goodnight...but before I hand you to these two loons, a word from those in need of your help...

At the time of writing, the sponsorship is getting there but there is a long way to go still. Please see if you can spare a couple of quid or whatever to help Bloodwise and Combat Stress. Here are those links if you are able to donate:

- To donate to Bloodwise, please click 'here'!

- Please click 'on this bit' to support Combat Stress.


  1. Hi Si - your challenge for the day; can we have a pic of a good ole boy wearing dungarees please. That'll make my day. Oh and if you're passing that close to Yellowstone National Park, you might as well go through it and get some pics of those nice cuddly bears, like this guy...........https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=noCWtagaDJQ. Mozza

    1. Thanks for the donation, Mozza...top stuff. Blimey- that bloke must have set new Strava PBs all over the shop, hah-hah!