Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Elected. Day ten, Moorcroft to Keystone.

The last two days have been of a large nature, so you might reasonably expect to rest-up in anticipation of another day's pedalling. Yeah, I thought that too, but between the very adjacent railroad that ran all through the night and the two noisy so-and-so's in the next room, I managed about three hours of sleep.

They came in late from a bar and just wouldn't be quiet: the conversation was stimulating and thought-provoking, but if I want 'Newsnight', I'll watch BBC bloody 2! I did knock on their door and remind them that the walls were paper-thin etc., but it did no good at all. Thanks a bundle. So, I dined at Donna's again, and it was great food again, before trundling/grumbling away towards the south-east.

Not sure if this was supreme self-confidence or withering sarcasm?
 I knew that today's real drama would come in the second-half, so took it very steady. Maybe too steady in light of my later getaway? Oh, and I suppose it now goes without saying that there were tyre woes?

106 miles and 5K. Boom!
Yep, just after lunch in Newcastle I got that sinking feeling again...a very slow leak from somewhere (the tube most likely, you berk)...tried to ignore it but eventually gave in and did as quick a change as I could. Man, all I want to do is pedal the damn thing, hah-hah!
Howay, etc...
This scenario brought to mind a screen gem...
 Geo Lucas's finest hour. Go see!

Pretty much the last thing that I saw in Wyoming, because...
...we're already here!
The temperature was up to around 34c and I knew that there were no shops for 37 miles until Custer, with loads of climbing, so I had loaded-up with water and food. Needed it all too, as this was as tricky a middle-bit as I can remember: still beautiful in parts of course!
I prefer the 'Long And...', if you don't mind.
You could smell that pine. Well, if you were there you could.
A blinding descent that was earned, bought and paid for in full. In cash. No VAT!
Another quick stop in Custer for supplies to see me the 23 miles to the finish...a lot of which were vertical again! As I was in a traffic queue to turn left and leave Custer up its long drag, a lady pulled-up alongside and said that she was pleased to see that a blood cancer charity was getting some help and thanked me. Very touched, Ma'am.
Spied half-way up the killer drag out of Custer...ouch!
Lost time precluded a visit to the memorial to Crazy Horse so you'll have to make do with this effort!
As near as time would allow me to get to Crazy Horse's Memorial.
It was as full steam ahead as I could go because sunset at Mt. Rushmore was at 7.20pm...apart from anything else I ain't cycling in the dark!
At last- Mt. Rushmore. Well, the backside anyway. Keep going, keep going...almost there...
A National Treasure is about right. 
Almost the last corner...light is fading...come on!
At last it arrived and it was a 'laugh out loud' moment and a little punch of the air and a big grin! Nice one...
Made it. Rushmore is *all* that too!
I'd have The Coop up there too.

Splendid. Just splendid!
I couldn't spend too long up there gazing at its magnificence, not least because it was a long day already and food and admin were calling, as per. There is a terrific two mile descent into Keystone from it and it was enjoyed thoroughly: thanks also to the Volvo driver who knew that I had no lights, so he stayed behind me an lit-up the corners. Top man!
Keystone has a chainsaw artist: no, I ain't kidding. Or arguing!
The Ruby House was the recommended dining choice: bourbon-marinated steak, since you ask, paired with a couple of local IPAs. Bon!
This was rather pleasing: it's a local IPA...sorry Fred, hah-hah!
This was a tougher day than it looked: I'm seeing a pattern here, hah-hah! Ok, I'll leave you with today's artist- someone who I have never seen play but he has had a hand in a couple of gems, not least this one. Go Coop...Rushmore for you is only a matter of time!

Tremendous number, top bloke.

The sponsorship is going great guns but there is a little way to go. Please see if you can spare a couple of quid or whatever to help Bloodwise and Combat Stress. Here are those links if you are able to donate:

- To donate to Bloodwise, please click 'here'!

- Please click 'on this bit' to support Combat Stress.

I know that the two charities and the people that they help really appreciate all your help. Top stuff!


  1. Guv, good to see you've crossed another state line, and I do like the dakotas. In another 5 or so states time you might even reach civilisation. Keep pedalling...

    1. It was a complete trousering after lunch, no two ways...thinking back, I could almost feel any energy leaving me in the heat. Got there in the end...just. More cobblers on the way!