Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Nowhere To Run. Day two, Vantage to Sprague.

Up and away for 6.50am and straight into the climb and a headwind. Some mistake- they can't mean me....it'll be ok on top. No. Oh deary me, no! It was a struggle to keep 11mph and even on a downhill bit you were lucky to get 16mph. Gonna be a long day, then...

'High Wind Warning'...how I scoffed. Not for long though. 
Excellent work, Grant County!
'Control Noxious Weeds'. Not entirely sure that the siting was accidental, hah-hah!
And in the interests of balance...
This was as bad as yesterday was good- a bit of cycling kharma? It even outstripped the sufferfest from Dalhart to Liberal, back in 2011, which was 115 miles into a 3/4 headwind.

Have a look at this vid if you are doubtful...it'll give you a laugh if nothing else!

Any stop that I made for food etc., I had someone remark that it must be tough out there. Unfortunately they didn't extend their sympathy to offering to throw my bike in the back of their SUV and giving me a lift, hah-hah!

This wee guy was loving running alongside me. Well, fast walk would be more truthful...
Difficult to see, but I was attacked by some tumbleweed.
Things were a little hazy, as well as...
...seeing some of this nonsense too!
Slowest century ever. Lordy!
This cow tracked my slow progress. I think he did a double-take too.
Lincoln County, Washington State.
 I knew that I was running-out of daylight, not to mention energy so Sprague (35 miles shy of Spokane) would have to do...there was no other choice. Again, super-friendly folk there, plus the railroad runs right by it which I find strangely comforting. If it wakes me at 3am I may revise that opinion, hah-hah!
Basic but did the job for the night. Now zzzz...
Of course this means I'm not where my itinerary says I should be: I have already cancelled the hotel for tomorrow night and am looking at plan b. I know that Bob Dylan reckoned that you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows: did Bobbo try this caper 50+ years ago, or what?

Great number: did I ever tell you that Ms Reeves gave me a tour of the Motown studios?

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  1. Guv, If only you'd found Dr F before setting off into the world's worst headwind. Anyway, hats off for completing a ton in those conditions. Also, didn't see it on the sign but is Grant County twinned with Bangor? Good luck for tomorrow and hope you get a westerly.

  2. Loving the blog......we're all behind you - well watching Barcelona V Celtic on Sky.
    Gordon from Glasgow

    1. Bit late replying to you Gordon- that's exactly the kind of support I need, hah-hah!