Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Monday, 12 September 2016

The Wind Cries Mary. Day one: Seattle to Vantage.

Excellent work, Dennis!
The best thing about my er, budget hotel last night was that there was a 24 hour Denny's not a stone's throw away, so I was in there for 5.30am stuffing my face! I managed to set course for the four miles to the beach at about 6.40am.

Coast to coast tradition has it that you must dip your rear wheel in the ocean that you're leaving, and then dip your front wheel in the ocean that you arrive at. I seem to remember something about stealing a bit of the ocean that you're leaving too, and then dumping it in the one on the (too) far side. What a load of cobblers but I went along with it anyway!

Never mind dipping it in The Pacific, it almost sank, hah-hah!
Tradition also dictates that you take a bit of The Pacific across with you and tip it in The Atlantic. Yeah, daft I know! 
The memorial to Seattle's finest. In surprisingly good nick, unlike Jimi regrettably...
Next item was to stop by Jimi Hendrix's memorial, which was about 11 miles away but handily placed on my route. Surprisingly enough, it was in great condition- usually these things are covered in graffiti and are generally an unkempt mess, with fans depositing tat. Well, I was guilty of the last charge as I left an 'Are You Experienced' cycling jersey as a tribute. Some wee toe-rag will undoubtedly have half-inched it by now, hah-hah!
I left a small offering for the great man. Those flowers were a nightmare on the bike, hah-hah!
Like Buddy Holly before him, it's a case of 'what if'...
From there, it was stop/start but I eventually got into the countryside and there was a little bit of up-and-down nonsense...all the hills on main roads never have killer gradients but they do go on for ages (bit like this blog) and they do take their toll eventually...

That's neat, that's neat, that's neat, that's neat etc...
Bit harsh.
Them's fighting words, partner...
You can find all sorts on Interstate shoulders.
Not big numbers but they did take their toll...ouch!
Just a little bit more please...
Fifteen years ago today. In remembrance.
Eastern bit of Washington State and it's bye-bye pine trees! 
Photobombed myself there. 
Yes! Last climb followed by 10 miles downhill...happy with that!
Tomorrow  it's across the bridge and climb-up to the plains...
At the end of that glorious downhill which added a smidgeon of respectability to my average speed, my accommodation was there before me. Except both restaurants were closed, hah-hah! Still, Texaco do a mean line in microwaveable soups...in fairness, the manageress of the motel took pity and made me a sandwich...awwww!
Looks sinister but actually super-friendly. And closed, mostly!
What do you mean: that *is* neat!
Tomorrow is another 145 miles with a little less vertical, which I'm absolutely gutted about, hah-hah! Keep the good vibes happening, thanks.

Can't find this beauty on YoucompleteTube, so this link will do the necessary!

Thank you again for your unbelievable sponsorship- you are making a positive difference, so good on you...cheers!

Just one more thing, if you're still there: a big thank you goes to the owner of the Montlake Bike Shop, a fellow by the name of Mr Neil Wechsler. When I 'planned' this caper, I realised that there was a fair chance of the bike getting manhandled on the way over- not sure if I mentioned this or not, ahem- so I e-mailed this chap and asked if he could help sort things assuming the bike arrived Saturday lunchtime.

Neil said "no problem" and even if his shop was busy, he would pay one of his mechanics to stay late and do whatever needed doing. Top man! As things panned-out, I didn't have to bother him, but I am in your debt for your generous and helpful approach. Cheers!


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  1. Guv, Guv, Guv, nice start, and 15mph too which is not too tardy bearing in min you're carrying half your worldly possessions. Looks like a "sauce" bottle in picture number 3 - hope you're taking the original contents. Looking forward to reading 'bout day 2. Jonsey

    1. Right now I'm trying to find Dr Ferrari's phone number, hah-hah!