Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Reasons To Be Cheerful. Day nine, Sheridan to Moorcroft.

It was a bit frustrating setting-off from my hotel at the other end of Sheridan, and seeing all the interesting places at the top-end of town...another time maybe?

Still, one McDs later and away we go into climbs and a headwind: what is it about Monday's, hah-hah! It was a picturesque slog to my first stop in Buffalo. At another McDs. I should explain that other fast-food outlets are available but I swear by their oat/porridge/fruit pots...plus you get wi-fi and free water too. And they're cheap. As am I?
Spied this leaving Sheridan: Mick Elcombe wouldn't know anything about this, would he?
130 miles & 5K. Felt the last 10 alright!
What it says on the tin!
Felt like jumping-in. Pollution fines high, I'd imagine...
You almost don't mind climbs like this. Almost...
The one at the top was leading them all back-up again!
Similar aims to Combat Stress.
I knew that the middle bit from Buffalo to Gillette had no services, so I stocked-up on water and food. Very necessary in temps of up to 32c: the winds stayed southerly...had to work a bit, ouch!

So stock-up like a loon!
'The Female Eunuch' hadn't made its way out yet, ok? 
No idea why, other I liked the look of it. Fair enough?
Sounds like one of John Peel's favourites.
It was tough going at times but even though the (very) long drags were killing me slowly and making the day longer, it was all strangely enjoyable. Pinch yourself now and again- this is real!
What reinforced this was just taking the occasional glance behind...not too shabby at all.

This'll do for a quick pit-stop.
Thanks to a reminder from The Tractor, today is when the 1000 mile-mark was passed. Glad someone has got their eye on the ball, hah-hah! Small beer in the scheme of things, but I'll take these small victories etc...
Unbelievable! Tour-fresh tarmac just for me? Nah, didn't last...
As far as the eye can see, it's all his.
= mini-logic.
The long drags are a bit sneaky: you look ahead and reckon you know where they crest, right? Nah, not remotely close, hah-hah! Unless you see a mobile phone or comms aerial of some sort, then I'm afraid be prepared to keep going...

Lowe & Edmunds are rightly considered as Gods here.
I passed through Gillette which left only 25 painful miles to go. Turns out in Gillette it is illegal to wear a hat that obstructs someone else's view at the theatre (note correct spelling) or other amusement. Very civilised. No mention of idiots on people's shoulders at concerts though...

Wotcha Del! First one seen on this tour.
Well, I'd just had a pee so rude not to sneak a photo...
No verbals today but a couple of 'beep-beeps' again, but a thank-you to the Gold Wing rider who was blasting his rawk as he passed me and shouted 'keep going', with a raised hand. Cheers!

Hopper & Fonda would've struggled here.
And this point marked the parting of the ways for me and I-90: don't let the door hit you on the way-out, hah-hah! The kindest thing I can say is that you got me here...we'll not be keeping in touch.

Arriving at the 'Powell'.
I was *quite* pleased to see tonight's acco: even more so when the only food option was right next-door and would definitely stay open until 9pm. And serves beer. Result! I'll be in there again early-ish doors...no beer this time, ahem.

Even tells you where you are. Result!
His best is right up there with anyone else's!

The sponsorship is going great guns but there is a little way to go. Please see if you can spare a couple of quid or whatever to help Bloodwise and Combat Stress. Here are those links if you are able to donate:

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I know that the two charities and the people that they help really appreciate all your help.

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