Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Reason To Believe. Day eleven, Keystone to Gordon.

One of the features of staying in smaller, out-of-the way spots is that places don't open quite as early as you'd like- you can certainly forget about 24 hour McDs or Dennys! This was the case in Keystone this morning as I was kicking the doors of the diner in at 0659, hah-hah!

The waitress told me that a lot of Keystone businesses had already closed for the season: they would be doing similar next week. Yet one more thing that had escaped my er, 'planning'...

The last member of his gang of four, tearing about the place. Excellent!
There were a few sharp climbs early doors: the usual result is that there will be a downhill. In this case it was a tad better than the usual 2-3%...this one had me going from 5 mph to 55 mph pronto. Quite a rush, and the fastest that I've ever been on two wheels. Excellent!

Cool as you like...
At this stage my plan was just to roll on to the first stop at Hermosa's gas sorry, petrol station and then see what I thought.
The original choice was to stick with the original idea of blatting 135 miles through The Badlands to Martin.
The downside was that there would be sod-all in terms of food & water for 70 miles at least...who planned this caper again?
Loveliest road yet? Great surface, little traffic, no punctures. Yes!
The clerk asked me where I was going and he advised against Martin, especially when I said that my 'plan b' was 100 miles down to Chadron. I liked the way he was thinking, hah-hah!

In the event, I looked at Google Maps and saw another place called Gordon which would put a few more miles in the bank, and had a couple of motels too. So, did I call either one to check availability? I think we all know the answer to that one, don't we?

Man Utd's lure spreads far and wide. Regrettably.
I set-off into yet another different landscape, although I couldn't see any so-called Badlands anywhere. It wasn't until I saw a sign advising of a scenic view up ahead, that I looked around and blimey...there it all was, laid out on my left. Wow!

Where are these so-called Badlands then? Load of old nons- 

...ah, fair enough! Beautiful.
 It was just after seeing all this harsh beauty that I supposed that I should really ring one of Gordon's two motels and inform them of my decision to bring light into their lives by allowing myself to rest my head there tonight.

First place answers and says there is no room at the inn until Saturday. Eh? Fearing the worst I rang the opposition and a lady who sounds like she looks after Tweety-Pie answered and said yes they would reserve a room for me. Stop panicking now, hah-hah!

High-ish plains drifters.
All looked a bit special.
The lure of CPFC spreads far and wide. Unbelievably.
Didn't use it, but good work folks!
 The first real stop was at a petrol/gas station at Pine Ridge at 90 miles! In truth it was a benign journey, not least because the temp never really got past 22c, unlike yesterday when you could almost feel everything drain from you...

Anyway, a couple of older Native American ladies were walking-out of the store when I was locking my bike up- one of them stops and asks what I'm doing/going etc: she is pleased to tell me that she is a survivor from cancer, and asks where I'm from. She then says that she is half-Irish. Initially I was sceptical but when she tells me that her grandparents were called O'Leary-Two Rivers and that one of them had red hair. Ok, not all that statement is totally factual, hah-hah!

Anyway, she gave me a hug and a blessing too (I hope) and sauntered-off. After a quick stop I headed towards Gordon via some comprehensive tyre-killing surfaces due to miles and miles of roadworks.
Aaaand so begins 5 miles of cyclo-cross!
Hopefully not for a little while yet, thanks.
Here, here!
Today also take the green sprinters' jersey because on five different occasions a dog or two had tried to catch me, so I had to put a huge effort in to leave them behind, the silly sods!

On one occasion, a pug was leading-out an Alsation in a bid to catch me. I messed them-up by getting second wheel in their sprint train and being unwittingly led out!
Nah, it's all territorial I imagine. The last dog to try was probably as old as I am, mercifully!
Pretty informal around these parts.
Five down. No, that's not a crossword clue!
Help on the run-in...excellent!
Great to be here...great to be anywhere!
A big shout-out to The Jefco Inn in Gordon: a modestly priced motel that would kill many competitors priced way more. Quality!

Expect my mugshot to adorn Jefco's hall of shame...
All things considered, a much more pleasant day than I was expecting this morning as I struggled in vain with Travelodge's unique concept of wi-fi, hah-hah!
Top ale at The Hut!

Not exactly 1080i, but an enjoyable effort still!

The sponsorship is going great guns but there is a little way to go. Please see if you can spare a couple of quid or whatever to help Bloodwise and Combat Stress. Here are those links if you are able to donate:

- To donate to Bloodwise, please click 'here'!

- Please click 'on this bit' to support Combat Stress.

I know that the two charities and the people that they help really appreciate all your help. Top stuff!


  1. Si, your blog always lifts me after a day at the desk...

  2. Can't believe you chose Gordon over Martin, everyone knows Gordon is a moron, yeah, yeah, it's not fair...just cos he's better looking than me...chip shop...blah, blah, blah. Anyway, as always, v good blogage guv. Jonsey

    1. That was almost the number that I chose for blog song...class! Getting a shoeing out in Nebraska today...could use reinforcements!