Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

She Caught The Katy. Day sixteen, Falls City to Richmond.

So we're off again and heading south to the border...well, the State Line at any rate. The clear skies overnight meant it was a tad chilly for a while but just beautiful. Almost as fine as my McDs breakfast in Hiawatha...it came complete with the regulation interest from a few seniors too. I think that they come for the free coffee, hah-hah!

Into the great wide yonder again. Bit nippy early-doors.

135 miles and 4000'. Bit of progress, right?
He's got to get a ticket for that?
In not too many miles, it was time to bid a hurried and emotional farewell to Nebraska- dunno how long it'll be before I can listen to Bruce's album again- and say a brief hello to Kansas. Seeing as how this was a tri-state day, I wasn't in Kansas for too long before crossing the Missouri River into...Missouri!
Bye-bye Nebraska: you've been a handful!
Load of old pony and precious little express, hah-hah!
Probably for the best that Bruce used 'Thunder'...
Today's history lesson. No charge.
We ain't in Kans- blimey Toto, that went quick!
The ride around St Joseph was not one that I'd care to repeat anytime soon: clearly someone reckoned they could live without hard shoulders for a few miles. I think it's safe to say that they don't see too many cyclists around these parts. Still, did it anyway...
Seven down, seven to go!
Move along, nothing to see here...
Progress was fine with a friendly-ish winds mostly until tyre trauma struck. Oh come on, it 's been a while, hah-hah!
Fair dos, can't fault you on this one...ouch!
Oh dear.
What, not wooden anymore?
Not a great deal else to report today: what they term a 'transition stage', I suppose. Still, I felt the last 10 miles though: energy levels, will and legs all dropping-off!
People like Polo.
I was certainly glad to get checked-in my Super8 motel in Richmond but such were the dining options, that Subway was the pick of the bunch. I did pick-up a few items in the Walmart across the road too. You *can* have too much glamour, it turns out.

The response from one of the staff there was gold: I asked if they stocked anything along the lines of bike degreaser and chain lube. She squinted at me, cocked her head slightly and drawled, "Probably...". It was all I could do not to laugh as I thanked her and went on my way. They did too!

In a bizarre coincidence, the receptionist told me that an Australian guy had stayed with them a couple of weeks ago and he was cycling from Massachusetts to California. Out of all the routes available and motels etc...makes you think, no? Alright, please yourselves.
Dinner is served...cheers!
Another day goes but we are getting closer to South Beach, Miami. Keep going, keep going...

Here's one for the cyclists reading this rubbish: when you're at the end of a long day on the bike, there isn't anything you covet more than eking out the last liquid of your water bottles, no matter how warm or minging the bottles look, yet as soon as you've finished, it's a case of "Ewww...I'm not drinking that swill!". No? Just me then, hah-hah!

On the bike, yes. Off the bike, clear off!

Couldn't shake this one today!

Which then brought this class slapstick to mind!

The sponsorship is so very nearly there: about £400 to go with each cause. Please see if you can spare a couple of quid or whatever to help Bloodwise and Combat Stress. Here are those links if you are able to donate:

- To donate to Bloodwise, please click 'here'!

- Please click 'on this bit' to support Combat Stress.

I know that the two charities and the people that they help really appreciate all your help. Top stuff!


  1. Really enjoying your blog, Simon. You're doing fantastically - keep it up (and award yourself a rest day soon!). Looking at the map, you must have crossed over our 2011 route somewhere in Missouri on the way to Richmond. No doubt there'll still be a few souvenirs lurking around there, like one of Ohio Bob's bottles of dehydrated water .. or maybe one of his sandals. Yeah baby! .. Anyway, all the best and look forward to following you over the second half. Take care. Sir Clive

    1. Steve er, Sir Clive!
      Terrific to hear from one of the (no) Class Of 2011, hah-hah! Yep, I did cross-over our route yesterday...Lee reminded me on FB. This is a tough ask, as I'm sure you know all too well...just taking it day-by-day pretty much.
      The 'plan' now is to get to Memphis on Friday, take Saturday off and then try and get to Miami somehow. Must be an airline flying there, right?
      If you keep reading them, I'll keep writing them...cheers!
      ps Ohio Bob was a total legend, wasn't he?