Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Raspberry Beret. Day thirteen, Ainsworth to Neligh.

Ok then, you know the script by now: try and get out and at it as early as possible, so I opted for the Rodeway's own breakfast, so that was pretty much eight polystyrene bowls of cornflakes, whilst trying not to take any notice of the rolling news except that the weather bloke confirmed my fears: the wind would be against yet again, hah-hah!

Out there as early as I could. Sorta...
Killer south-easterly stopped play by Neligh, 106 miles in.
And that's how it was for the day: temperature got up to 35c and at times I could only manage 9 mph. I think that I managed to eat and keep watered ok though which is a stopper if you don't. I've had heat-stroke twice from not doing that on the bike and don't particularly want a repeat!

Well, you know where you stand.
Could well be the UK.
Because of the relentless 'heads down' nature of the day, there aren't as many (daft) photos so that may well be a blessing! Certainly the landscape changed from the Sandhills into scenery that could have been mistaken for the UK, and to top it all, my intended destination was Norfolk!
Oh, so it wasn't 'Ocean Boulevard' after all?
Great to see another cross-country cyclist today- even if they did have the brandy & cigars out due to their tailwind. Swine!
Yes! Second eejit sighted since I began this.
Nice one.
Now *that's* a flag.
Now *that's* just a little unsettling.
Big (cow)boy's toys.
I was very glad to see a branch of my favourite Scottish restaurant: very handy to use their wifi as AT&T's coverage has been non-existent for large parts of the last three days. Maybe they only cover the western bit...
Seriously. You couldn't make it up!
I so wanted there to be a sign pointing to an RV park: 'Camp Inman'.
As expected, the wind-speed got worse after lunch (ahem) and not quite as bad as day to, it was not far off it!

A wannabee tumbleweed assailant. Go home!
Sorted, madferrit pardner our kid, top!
'Nuff said.
Was looking for a gas station and happened on this.
The Sandhills are way behind us. Good!
Time ebbed away and so did my energy: it was obvious but frustrating that I was not going to make it to Norfolk tonight, so pulled-stumps in Neligh. Thirty-four miles down on the day...not good.
Not on your, etc...
Ok, in a similar vein to day two's shellacking, we plan again and try to see the slightly bigger picture. Sleep well, won't you...cheers!
Mexican grub ain't my first choice before a(nother) bike ride, but needs must!



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