Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Theme from 'The Sweeney'. Day three, Sprague to Wallace.

Up, up and away at 6.28am and it is baltic, hah-hah! That's the thing- everything looks fine and dandy during the daytime, but once the sun sets things get cold very quickly indeed.
Anyway, mercifully the winds weren't anything like as daft as yesterday- still not helping, but doable. I'll take that...like I have a choice, hah-hah!
Looks like rain. Actually, those words will come back to haunt...
Breakfast was at Spokane, where I should have reached yesterday. Top McDonalds effort- their oatmeal nonsense is top-drawer, backed-up with Egg & Sausage McCobblers and the rest.

That *is* a considerable amount of turf.
Oi, Casey Jones- you going to the convention in Wallace?
Spokane has quite a few exits and entries from I-90, and I was almost through the worst of it when I heard a siren and then saw blue flashing lights behind. Not for the first time, on any of my trips...

So it's the Washington Highway State Patrol and as a (rubbish) cyclist I'm prohibited from the Interstate whilst in the built-up area of Spokane. Officer checks my id and asks what where I'm going. When I said "Miami" he did give me a sideways glance, hah-hah!

Ticking-off accepted (and he did buy my sincere plea of total f**king ignorance), the bloke pointed me the route to take and then re-join the I-90 noise-fest. No dramas!

The WHiPs-mobile!
If it's any good for aches & pains then...
Spokane- I salute you!
Always good to know.
One down, thirteen to go.
Nice to tick-off one state...a long old way to go, but still...small victories, right?

Idaho looks ok. In the sun, obvs...
Can you just f**k off with the winds altogether, please? Except tail ones. Cheers.
The lovely Coeur d'Alene. Wanna come back!
 There are so many fine places to explore: Coeur looked fantastic, even from a remove.
A.n.other drag done.
You cannot whack the smell of pine. Beautiful!
It was terrific to get some scenery, unlike yesterday. And the smell of pine is just a joy...almost blocks out barely hand-washed lycra avec added sweat. Nice! There you go, Gaultier- have that one for free!
Bit of marsh. Still looks ok, doesn't it?
Little 'over the shoulder' number there. Still with one eye on the shoulder debris, obvs.
I stopped again for a late luncheon (no, I hadn't booked, but the Kellogg McDs? You really must go!), and thought a bag of ice might be an idea to calm joints down a notch. Big enough for ya'?
"Any chance of a small ice pack, please?" "Sure, no problem."
 I felt good to push-on and try to buy back a few of yesterday's missing 35 miles but the limiting factor was accommodation: Mullan was my preferred shout but no dice, so I managed to get the last room at Wallace.

Probably the first (and hopefully last) time that I have paid the full rate...apparently I got the last room as there is a convention of retired rail-road workers in (very small) town. Still, the hotel is ace: even had a dip in their hot-tub before wedging out for some grub.
That's "full service", alright?
Outrageous. I don't even warrant 4th billing.
I was advised to go Italian, and the advice was sound! They even played Bowie, Shakey and load of other old pony too, as well as serving up great pasta, IPA and Sangiovese. Result!
The waitress/co-owner asked what I was here for and she duly told her kid who was watching the goings on in the cafe: the wee man asked why I didn't drive? Out of the mouths etc., hah-hah!

Today's useless fact: parts of 'Dante's Peak' and 'Heaven's Gate' were filmed in Wallace. Ain't never seen either movie either...
Great local brew, but jam-jars?
Not burnt, but not a great look either!
As seen in Wallace's local paper. *facepalm*
Not my gaff tonight but a happening joint. Maybe that's why, hah-hah!
Ok then, I'm still in the game- we'll see where we end-up tomorrow. Sleep now!

And in tribute to Washington Highway Patrol's finest...

I know that I come with the same old, same old, ad nauseam- but that's only because it's true.
Your generosity to these two causes is stupendous and I had a message from Bloodwise saying how thrilled they are and that your money will make a difference. So pour yourselves another glass...cheers!


  1. Guv, I thought jam jars were only used for non jam purposes in Shoreditch and Brighton, but I suppose Wallace isn't too far from Portland where it probably started. Still, the IPA looks good. As always, hats off for today and good luck for tomorrow. Jones

    1. Hah-hah! Curse on hipsters everywhere...keep rollin'!