Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Friday, 16 September 2016

Cars. Day five, Missoula to Butte.

Even I couldn't get lost!
So, clear skies equals almost freezing temps, eh? Got it. Steel-trap mind, me. Another layer it is then. All fine until 10 miles in and another puncture...hurrah!
Mark these words well: if I ever suggest a route that involves Interstates, you have indemnity from prosecution!

2c at kick-off. More layers pronto!
Looks like the bigger brother of yesterday's culprit. You had one job, AutoFocus...
I'm sure they have a ball.
Anyway, twenty minutes later and off we trudge again. Thankfully there is some terrific scenery in this neck of the woods, as well as a few signs to entertain the hard of thinking amongst us...

Dunno why this is in, but there you go.
'Bass' is optional.
I wanted to stop in Drummond for lunch because this was one of my original accommodations that bit the dust: it is the archetypal one horse town too! Great wee cafe...
Definitely approaching Marlboro Man territory...
Should've tethered it up!
Time to bother The 'Shut Up Legs' legend on Twitter again!
Possibly a bigger sky than yesterday.
 Post-lunch was most enjoyable as the temps moved to the low 20s...nice! My next stop was Montana's Auto Museum which has about 140 vehicles on display, but it was really only the Muscle Cars that I was there to gawk at.

Imagine some of the MatchBox or Corgi HotWheels toy cars that you had as a kid and you're on the right lines. Dinky, not so much. It was more Morris Minors over that way!

No matter what you looked at, it was in pristine condition...an astounding collection, right in the middle of nowhere. Hence no apology for the ton of photos, hah-hah!
Pretty much everything is in mint condition. Astonishing!

426 Hemi. No arguments!

"I'm a...". Terrific!
'Elanor' from 'Gone In 60 Seconds': beyond mint! 

Original 1965 with a 427. Goodnight.
Don't be fooled- this shifts.


Some insane prototype/show-car. What on earth?
An absolute monster...
After my quick-time race'n'drool sesh in the museum, it was a case of seeing-out the remaining 40 miles to Butte. No dramas although I would admit that the 1-2% drags were beginning to make themselves known...Butte is at round 5500' above sea level.

Great to get a couple of beeps from passing motorists- it seems that they respond to the 'Combat Stress' jersey more. Much appreciated folks.
Would love to think that's where he ended-up.
Thanks all the same, but I'll pass.
Similar to last night, I set about finding a room with adjacent dining and there was a Super 8 that fitted the bill. So it's wash, rinse, eat, blog, decide on tomorrow's plan and sleeeeeeep. Cheers!

Old but gold!

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  1. Guv, Butte is officially my favourite US town. I was in the boozer tonight for a leaving do enlightening everyone with tales of your coast to coast ride - so a bunch of marketers, digital consultants and wine merchants wish you luck. Jonsey