Hoping to help these guys...

Hoping to help these guys...

Thursday, 29 September 2016

That's the Way (I Like It). Day eighteen, Bolivar to Cabool.

I almost leapt onto the bike this morning because I knew it was a short stage at 100 miles plus cents, with clear skies and at worst a cross-wind. Result! Alright, MO would certainly throw a few (loads) of rollers at me but that's what you expect.

Old school. No danger of old school prices.
A ton. Just!
How high's the water, Mama?
For what it's wo- oh, this rubbish just writes itself, hah-hah!
 Because my plans had changed several times already, I had to forego my stay at the lovely Dickey House B&B in Marshfield but my route would take me past it anyway...as well as crossing this old favourite too. Hello again!
Five years on and you haven't changed a bit. Excellent!
The Dickey House B&B...another time perhaps.
I stopped for water and and a sandwich at a gas station and the world's most switched-on assistant told that Amish country was coming-up: I'd know their houses because they have windmill-type things to help draw water. I asked if it was bad form to take photos of the folk, and she said they'd rather you didn't and that Amish ladies would try to avert their faces. As it was, I didn't see any.

Fair enough, then...although I still haven't forgotten being blanked by one of them when I was trying to reassure myself that I was on the right track back on the 2011 jaunt. It was a miserable Sunday afternoon, drizzling, windy and not particularly pleasant and the lady in question kept her mobile phone glued to her ear and steadfastly refused to see me as she passed by in her Lexus. Nah, just pulling you leg. Horse and cart, as per.
Amish household: you can tell by the windmill/well. Also the satellite dish. Nah, messin'...they've got cable.
The fourth Dr. Who is accorded God-like status here. Rightly so.
A couple of reassuringly pleasant things today: I was taking a break eating the rest of sandwich and looking at my phone to see if AT&T were in the mood to share any reception today when I heard a car slow and the lady shout to ask if I was okay and did I need help. I thanked her and resisted saying no thanks, just a reliable network, hah-hah!

I joined Highway 60 eastbound shortly after that and was going ok on the clean hard shoulder when I saw a lady about 100 yards ahead beside her car, motioning me to stop. Any breakdowns I see, I will ask if they have a cell/mobile, as that's about all the assistance that I can offer, and was just about to do this when she offered me a banana!
Shoddy selfie with Mrs Barbara Curtis. How nice was she?
Turns out that Barbara Curtis is an avid cyclist herself and a veteran of quite a few long-distance treks herself. She told me that she was thinking of cycling Route 66 sometime soon! Anyway, this random act of kindness made my day. Good on you, Ma'am.
Nearer to SE25 than I thought, then.
Looks set fair: 10 miles of roadworks in the distance though. Just for fun...
Dear knows: some kind of junk shop?
And this was the best bit of surface for the run-in!
The day seemed indecently civilised, enjoyable and I almost felt guilty at having it easy! Fear not, normal service will be resumed tomorrow no doubt.

The last 10 miles were a 'mare, thanks to some genius in MO roadworks deciding to scrape away the rideable layer on the shoulder. I wonder if he is on loan from Nebraska? I now take back all the horrible fates that I wished upon the cretin for that horrible 45 minutes. At least until tomorrow!
Banana of the day. Cheers Barbara!
Further result upon checking-in at my motel in Cabool: the receptionist is from London, and her husband from Preston! She even offered to machine wash my kit gratis (I put a small donation on Bloodwise as a thank you), and was just a real beacon, even steering me in the direction of a pleasant Mexican restaurant. Good on you!
Normal-ish service is resumed. Cheers!

Irresistible! Cheers MO...

The sponsorship is so very nearly there: about £400 to go with each cause. Please see if you can spare a couple of quid or whatever to help Bloodwise and Combat Stress. Here are those links if you are able to donate:

- To donate to Bloodwise, please click 'here'!

- Please click 'on this bit' to support Combat Stress.

I know that the two charities and the people that they help appreciate all your help. Good on you!

ps if you are kind enough to donate, and select 'anonymous', I can't 'see' who you are, unlike on JustGiving. So apologies if you were thinking that the miserable tw*t hasn't even e-mailed me to say thanks, hah-hah!

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